Area guide: Why live in Fulham?

Check out our area guide to Fulham, and you too will fall head over heels in this special part of London.

Choosing an area to live in London is not as easy as it sounds. How do you find somewhere that’s great to live, without paying a price that will send you into cardiac arrest? Allow us to introduce you to the buzzing area of Fulham, where you can enjoy the highlights of London life with a Shared Ownership home!

Located in the desirable area of West London, Fulham is perhaps best known for being the home of Fulham Football Club. But if you’re not a football fan, don’t let that put you off. With an apartment in Fulham, you’ll never be too far away from something fun to do, interesting to see, or something special to eat!

Still need convincing? Check out our area guide to Fulham, and you too will fall head over heels with this special part of London.

Highlights of living in Fulham:

●     Visit a gorgeous park

●     Go on a shopping spree

●     Catch a football match

●     Enjoy plenty of places to eat

●     Be entertained

●     Take advantage of great transport links

Visit a gorgeous park

Given that the capital city is a bit of a concrete jungle, you might think green spaces would be few and far between in Fulham. However, you’d be wrong! Fulham is a nature lovers paradise, with plenty of verdant parks to explore the wonders of Mother Nature.

Best of all is Bishops Park, a beautiful green space that runs along the Thames River, ideal for dog walks or scenic evening time strolls. Elsewhere, South Park is perfect for summer picnics and catching up on your fitness.

Go on a shopping spree

One of the highlights of living in Fulham is the range of retailers and shopping options, with something for all price ranges. For your essentials, you’ve got the dependable Fulham Broadway Shopping Centre, which has a variety of shops for your day-to-day needs. But, you’ll also have the option to pick up something unique at the vintage stores on Lillie Road, or head to Fulham for a selection of luxury – but affordable! – boutiques.

Catch a football match

Are you fanatic about all things football? Fulham has plenty of options for people looking to catch some live football. Just minutes away from your apartment in Fulham, you’ll be able to take in the lively surroundings of Fulham’s Craven Cottage, or soak up the rich atmosphere of Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge. If you’re not into football, a visit to either of these stadiums could turn you into a believer.

Enjoy plenty of places to eat

Everyone has those nights where they can’t muster the courage to whip something up in the kitchen. Thankfully, Fulham is the perfect place to cure your food-related indecision, at a price that won’t make you squirm.

Highlights include the famous gastropub The Harwood Arms, where you can wash down delicious pub grub with great beer, and Pappa Ciccia, which serves up some of the most authentic Italian food in the area. If you are really struggling to decide, head down to Fulham Market Hall, which offers everything from fresh produce to tasty street food!

Be entertained

Are you looking for a living area surrounded by fun entertainment options? Well, you’re in luck – there is a great variety of fun things to do in Fulham! Film fanatics can catch the latest releases at the Vue Multiplex Cinema, while history buffs can head down to Fulham Palace Museum to learn more about the history behind this historic building. Fulham is also home to the Fulham Palace Theatre, a historic venue where you can catch everything from engaging plays to live music performances!

Take advantage of great transport links

Do you have a job in the city, or a sudden urge to explore the capital? With an apartment in Fulham, you’ll never be too far away from the action of Central London. Anyone living in Fulham will have a range of transport options at their fingertips, with multiple underground stations and an overground station to choose from. This means you can get wherever you need to be in a matter of minutes!

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