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Ismailia House

Ismailia House
20 Townmead Road

Full Price: £425,000
Minimum Deposit: £22,500
Share Price: 50% for £225,000

Dwyer House

Dwyer House
2 Townsend Road

Full Price: £425,000
Minimum Deposit: £21,250
Share Price: 50% for £212,500

Available through Guinness Homes

Leaside Lock

Bromley-by-Bow, London, E3 3EA

2 Bedroom
15 available from £116,875

Signal Park

Tolworth, Surbiton, KT5

1 and 2 bedroom
14 available from £87,500

The One Hundred

Alperton, Brent, HA0

Bromley Heights

Bromley, Greater London, BR1

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BE WEST emerged to elevate the enduring legacy of this magnificent city, celebrating its people, places, and architectural marvels. Our mission revolves around constructing spaces that not only enhance the lives of current residents but also contribute to the welfare of all West Londoners—both present and future.

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Our dedication to excellence stands as our cornerstone, underscoring our unwavering commitment to authentic delivery. Evident in the meticulous attention to detail, architectural finesse, and construction prowess evident in all our projects. Each location is handpicked, meticulously tailored to embrace the uniqueness of its surroundings. Our bespoke architectural approach and design ethos are ingrained in preserving the inherent character and historical significance, ensuring these spaces are not just residences but thriving communities where people aspire to belong.