Our moving into a new house checklist

There’s plenty to consider when you’re moving into a new house

Our handy checklist breaks down the essentials of moving into a new house, from what to do in the run-up to moving day itself.

Stage 1: Preparing

One of the first things to do when moving into a new house is to change your address with various organisations. Our checklist below shows who to notify when moving house:

Royal Mail

The Royal Mail can redirect your mail for you for free here.

Electoral roll

Register to vote at your new address here.

Council tax

Register to pay council tax in your new area by searching for your new council here.

Utilities providers

Notify or switch your gas and electricity suppliers. There are many price comparison sites that can help you find the best available offers.

TV license

Update your address for your TV licence here.

Broadband and phone line

It’s wise to sort your Wi-Fi before you move, as getting set up can take time. Aside from how frustrating it is to be without the internet, you don’t want to incur costly mobile data bills.

Next, you can start planning the logistics of the move. When moving house, van hire is essential. It’s worth comparing costs before committing to a removal company. To get a quote, you’ll need to know the distance you’re moving and approximately how much furniture you have.

Our top tip to make moving into a new house a dream is to do a walk-through and decide what should go where in advance. Having a plan for the different configurations of furniture in each room will save a lot of hassle on your moving day.

Stage 2: Packing

Moving into a new house can be stressful. Carefully considered packing can help make your move-in day a little more painless.

  • LabelsIt seems obvious but clear labelling is key. Place a label on both the top and the side of the box, so it’s visible when boxes are stacked. Write which room each box is for and precisely what’s inside – and remember to include if boxes are particularly heavy or fragile.
  • Screws and boltsIf you’re taking furniture apart, make sure the screws and bolts stay with the relevant item. You can place loose screws in a sandwich bag and tape it to the furniture.
  • Protect your floorWith heavy furniture being lifted (and often dragged) around, flatten some cardboard boxes to lay across your current and new homes’ floors.
  • LightbulbsThe last thing anybody needs is to be moving or unpacking in the dark. Pack a few spare lightbulbs in case there aren’t any at your new home.
  • First-night essentialsPack a separate box with essential items to make your first night more comfortable. Quick access to a kettle and mugs, towels, toilet rolls, and a toothbrush won’t go amiss.

Stage 3: Moving

The final stage in our checklist for moving into a new house concerns moving day itself.

Before you leave your current home

  • Take a picture of the utility meters and record their readings
  • Make sure all the windows are closed securely
  • Switch off the water, gas and electricity

Before you move into your new home

  • Take a picture of your new utility meters to ensure you’re not overcharged
  • Move large furniture in first, then your boxes (otherwise you’ll need to move the boxes again to make room)