Celebrate LGBT and Chief Executive Matt Campion

Interview discussion about BEWEST as a brand and being a first time buyer

Meet our CEO, Matt Campion. With over 20 years’ experience in housing and a passion in reducing inequality in society, Matt’s vision of providing affordable housing and service quality is what drives the vibrant energy at SBHG.

This month marks LGBT+ History Month, we’d like to celebrate the LGBT+ communities all around the world. Our CEO who is confident in expressing the importance of LGBT+ visibility, reminds us that sexuality does not hinder progression.

We interviewed Matt and asked him a couple of questions about BE WEST and Shared Ownership.

1) What do you think of our BEWEST brand?

‘I think it has been fantastic. Just over a year ago it didn’t exist. It was an idea on a piece of paper. BE WEST launched and it has matched our appraisal assumptions. Selling all 65 units at Waterside Heights and picking up the Best First Time Buyer Apartment at last year’s First Time Buyer Readers’ Awards were certainly two highlights’

2) Why do you think BEWEST might be a good option?

‘Getting on the property ladder is really hard going, particularly for people that are single or people that aren’t on high incomes. If BEWEST can help people onto the housing ladder, that is really positive. I know that Shared Ownership sometimes comes in for some criticism, but becoming a property owner in the long run will really help people with their future wealth.’

‘..And if we can do that with a brand that feels new, that feels exciting, that feels lively. That for me is really important.  When people are buying their first property it can be really daunting and might have been a long time in the making. For lots of people home ownership has been a dream that they have worked towards for years, we need to make sure that we give these customers a great experience and help make their dream become a reality.’

3) Do you happen to be a home owner yourself?

‘Yes, I was about 31 when I bought my first flat. It wasn’t Shared Ownership, but I bought it off-plan. Having a mortgage and owning my first home was very rewarding, it gave me a sense of security. I didn’t have a landlord that could take it away from me or decide they were going to sell., I was responsible for my home and I could do more or less what I wanted to it, it felt so different and empowering.

We value true visibility and we stand in solidarity by celebrating LGBT+ History Month with all of our colleagues and customers! #LGBT22 #LGBTHistoryMonth #loveislove #BeWestLdn #Property