How to reduce summer heat at home

Looking for ways to keep your home cool during summer? Here are some affordable tips to make your home cooler during the scorching days of summer.

Ah, summer—the season of sunshine, holiday escapades, and, of course, relentless heat that can turn your home into a sweltering oven. However, that doesn’t mean you need to sweat in silence. With some clever improvisation and a well-placed fan, you can overcome the worst of the summer heat.

Looking for ways to keep your home cool during summer? Here are some affordable tips to make your home cooler during the scorching days of summer:

Maximize the power of your fan

You probably already have a fan in your home – and if you don’t, what are you thinking? But when it reaches scorching temperatures, it might feel like your fan is just circulating more hot air in your direction. If you really want to take advantage of your fan, the best thing to do is to place a bowl of ice or a frozen water bottle in front of it. As the air hits the ice, it creates a cooling mist, leaving you feeling as cool as a cucumber.

Open your windows at night

Usually, opening your windows is a no-brainer when it comes to getting a gentle breeze in your apartment. But during the summer, leaving your windows open during the day only serves to let more heat in. Instead of turning your home into a mini furnace, wait until the temperatures drop in the evening before opening your windows. As well as helping you enjoy a better night’s sleep, you’ll be able to pre-emptively cool your apartment before another hot summer day begins.

Rethink your lighting situation

You might not expect it, but choosing the right lighting can make a big difference to how hot your home feels. Given that traditional light bulbs can let off a surprising amount of heat, you may be better off swapping them out for energy-efficient LED lights. Not only do LEDs produce less heat, but they also consume less electricity! This means you’ll save money on your energy bills while keeping your home cooler.

Swap out your sheets for linen

When it’s boiling hot, the last thing you need is a huge duvet to curl into at nighttime – this is a recipe for sweaty, sleepless nights. Instead, swap out your usual duvet for airy linen sheets. Linen bedding can be a big help in the summer months, made of a breathable material that reduces sweat and keeps you cooler. If you’re really struggling to keep cool, you may even want to try cooling your sheets or pillowcase for 15 minutes in the freezer. You’ll be enjoying a great night’s sleep in no time!

Get Creative with Curtains

During summer, your windows act as both a source for glorious natural light, and an entrance for scorching heat. To block out the sun’s intense rays, investing in thermal or blackout curtains could help save your bacon. Thermal curtains can absorb the brunt of the sun’s heat, ensuring your home stays cool and comfortable. They also look way more slick and stylish than you’d expect, adding a touch of elegance to your living space.

Keep off as many electrical appliances as you can

No-one can avoid using their washing machine or cooker forever. But overusing your electrical appliances during the day can lead to a buildup of even more heat in your home. If you do need to do some cooking or washing, try and get it out of the way in the morning or evening, when temperatures are lower. Avoid using electricity unless you really need it and resist the temptation of charging electrical devices overnight!

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