Case Studies

Case Study - Staircase to success

Staircase to success!

Buying a complete home in one go was too much of a jump for husband and wife care assistants Faizal and Nooraza – but staircasing soon helped them achieved their ambition.

Case Study - Go West

Go West!

When Sara Ponne phoned her mother to say she was about to buy a home in London, she was met with astonishment that it was even possible. Yet thanks to looking a little further afield and using the Government-backed shared ownership scheme, the 38-year-old analyst for a drinks company is now settling down in a home of her own at Be West’s Waterside Heights development in West Drayton.

Case Study - London Through and through

Londoner through and through

Nearly 40% of London-based first time buyers were forced to leave the capital last year to find a home they could afford (1) – and with first home prices rising by £24 a day (2), many more find themselves stuck in a cycle of being unable to make progress saving a deposit while paying high rents.

But not everyone wants to flee to the suburbs or beyond in order to buy a home – some are Londoners through and through, like 30-year-old Alex Williams. He had no intention of giving up the dream of a place of his own in his home town, and is delighted to have just moved into a two-bedroom apartment at Aw4ken, a shared ownership development in Chiswick from BE WEST.

Case Study - Sharing can be wearing

Sharing can be wearing

House shares can be fun when you’re young, but the novelty can soon wear off, especially if you work anti-social hours and have to try to sleep when your flat mates are awake. That’s exactly the scenario that 32-year-old Cosmin Sabau found himself in before he was finally able to move into a home of his own at The Apex in Fulham.