BE WEST Case study | Alison and Jordan | Waterside Heights

After a “hectic” year of working from Alison’s family home, Alison and her partner Jordan began keeping an “eye out for good opportunities on the shared ownership market.” As much as they enjoyed living with parents, “it was time to move out". They realised that shared Ownership was “the only way” to stay in the area.

BE WEST Case study | Sian | Waterside Heights

Despite encountering issues with her previous Shared Ownership property from another housing provider, Sian and her partner purchased a 70% in our development. “We weren’t planning on looking or visiting any properties. It was just to get an idea for the future really. Then we saw Waterside Heights and thought that could be a place for us. So we booked, visited and loved it. It was exciting, we found something that we liked and went for it. It all just fell into place.”

BE WEST Case study | Kieran | Waterside Heights

After his parents decided to move away from the area, Kieran began exploring Shared Ownership options and booked a viewing at Waterside Heights, which he fell in love with straight away.

“Waterside Heights was the only development I saw - I liked the look and décor of it straight away, this sold it to me as soon as I got there. The location is great for me to get to and from work and also to get to and from London, which is where I spend all my time.''

BE WEST Case study | Luke and David | Waterside Heights

After living separately, Luke and his partner David decided to live together during the pandemic. They were living at David’s parents house. The couple began looking at purchasing their first home together in February 2021. Although the couple viewed many properties within multiple developments across west London, they settled on Waterside Heights. “I don’t think we thought we’d find somewhere suitable as quick as we did. The size and location stood out to us, along with the quality of property the cost. Everything about it was better.”